First Impressions Matter: Tips and Ideas for Creating Memorable Welcome Gifts for Your New Employee

Tips for Welcome Gifts for New Employees

It’s not a small thing when a new employee joins your company. For them, it’s the beginning of a new chapter of their professional career. For you, it’s a new addition to the team; fresh blood that brings new potential to increase profits with their bright ideas.  They become an advocate of your company identity.  So what better way to mark the occasion and start the cooperation on the right note than with a gift.  Here are some suggestions to make buying employee welcome gifts easier.

The onboarding process can feel overwhelming for new employees, so welcome gifts can be an excellent opportunity to make them feel comfortable in the new environment. Starting out at a new company can feel a lot like the first day of school. Thus, you need something that will show your workplace vibe. It will allow new additions to your company to become accustomed to your company culture faster.

Even if your company doesn’t require uniforms, gifting employees with wearable swag is a fantastic way to make them feel like they belong in your team. The options are numerous, and depending on your budget, you can choose from T-shirts, hoodies, puff vests, bags, caps, even jackets. The important thing here is to choose items that people won’t feel awkward to wear and those they will actually need and use.

custom giftbasketOne of the best welcome gift tips for new employees is to choose something that will make them feel welcome. There are many options that will do just that. For example, the simplest way to go is a gourmet gift basket waiting on the desk.

Also, an empty new desk can seem cold and uninviting. If you invest a little effort, you can help your new employees feel more at home. Instead of just introducing them to the new coworkers and showing them how the printer works and where all the facilities are, choose a welcome gift that will make their desk their own. Of course, pens, notebooks, highlighters, and such are all necessary on an office desk. Funny coffee mug

To keep things light and gender-neutral, you can go for a funny coffee mug they will gladly drink their first morning beverage from.

Tropical cakesOne of the most significant aspects of the onboarding process is getting to know future coworkers. So, on your new addition’s first day of work, organize a casual “welcome aboard” office party. Have a tropical Bundt cake delivered so everyone can have a relaxing chat over a slice of cake.

Moreover, it might be a good idea to consult with other coworkers what an appropriate gift would be. It can be beneficial to hear some new ideas. Besides, when a new employee receives a gift that was carefully thought-out by the entire team, it will be a real employee appreciation gift. It will also be an icebreaker that will spark up the conversation and help them meet their new workmates.

Depending on the type of job your new employee will do, you can choose gifts that will help them accomplish their tasks. If they require some gear, software, or other gadgets to do their job successfully, this is the perfect way to go. You may think that it is not much of a gift if they will use it for work, but make no mistake, it most definitely is. Your new hires will appreciate a new laptop, mouse, headphones, a company phone, or program subscriptions.

To make things more personal, you can add a phone case with a company logo, add stickers with the logo to the laptop, or make branded laptop sleeves.  You can set up the desk in advance, so it’s ready for the new employee when they arrive. Just make sure you add a thoughtful note or a card. It will provide them with a tremendous amount of motivation to start working with you.

No matter how big the company grows, it’s essential to invest a bit of time and effort to make new employees feel welcome. Especially if the new hire has to relocate for the new job, it’s important to affirm their decision. And a thoughtful welcome gift will go a long way to make the novel feel welcome and at home. There is no big secret to giving great business gifts. You just have to give it a little thought and follow our welcome gift tips for new employees, and you’ll be just fine. Remember, as it is true with all gifts, it’s the thought that counts. But it will help if you find the time to enjoy the gift selection process. And take pride in your efforts to welcome new employees into your team. It will speak volumes about your company culture.


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