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All of our Creative Gifts are Shipped.  We do not provide hand delivery.

We've been doing this since 1992 (that's 30 years), so we know a bit about giving great gifts that create memories and make a positive impession.  Check out our whole website and you'll see what we  mean!

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"Adorable design and excellent quality exact replica of online photo item met my expectations on all levels.  Joyce is this store's owner and she was lovely to interface with.  You won't be sorry nor disappointed if you patronize joyce as she is charming, professional and considerate with a vast inventory."           Sasha from California

Our Story. . .

Since 1992, Creative Gifts to Go has shared with our customers Send a Gift Online 1the very best of the endless treasures and gourmet delicacies that we've discovered and combined into our unique gift baskets and creative gifts.  Each year, the bounty seems broader. Old favorites, new discoveries, time-honored classics.  The opportunity to bring a smile to someone's lips comes as a guarantee.  And the legendary customer service we've worked so hard to provide is as genuine as can be.
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Experience the Peace of Mind That Comes with Shopping with a Trusted Partner

Have you ever received a gift you weren't expecting? Didn't it make you feel really special and warm all over, just knowing that someone was thinking about you? You, too, can make someone feel just as wonderful as you felt that day and express your feelings without saying a word.

People Forget What You Said or Did
But Memories of How You Made Them Feel Last Forever!
Let us help you make those special memories for those special people in your life.

Come explore ~ You’ll discover why Creative Gifts has been known for our exceptional customer service, unique gift ideas, and creative gift baskets since 1992.

“I must say, I NEVER expected such personal service with an internet purchase! I read up on your story on the About Us tab and I LOVED it! Good for you for loving what you do / doing what you love…wish I were so lucky.”  Cheryl

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Making a purchase on the internet can be scary at best since you don’t know who you are dealing with.  We consider our customers to be friends.  If you would like to know more about us and whom you are buying from visit the page that tells you all about Creative Gifts to Go.

Each unique gift basket and creative gift, created in our Flagstaff studio, is a labor of love.  This is evident in every part of the gift – beginning with the quality ingredients all the way to the bow and wrapping.  We're also searched to find gifts from other makers that we can proudly say they were made for us here in the USA.

We’ve been providing gourmet gifts, unique gift baskets, creative gift ideas, and imprinted promotional products since 1992.  We are a Flagstaff Arizona based company with a local following but have also built up a clientele that includes major corporations around the country. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a loyal following of customers who demand the best.

At Creative Gifts, your satisfaction is our top priority.  When you shop with us, you can shop with confidence knowing that you're in good hands.

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