Spa Gift Baskets for Women - Bath Gift Baskets

Our spa gift baskets,  filled with scented soaps, soothing lotions and other nourishing products, will help that special lady relax and forget any stress.  Send a spa gift basket to her or send one to yourself.  Don't you deserve it?

Although we sell spa gift baskets, there are times when you may want to put together your own gift.  A do it yourself spa gift basket could be a very cost effective present for someone that you want to show how much you care.

They are easy to put together and show that you know the person well enough to choose products that they will like and enjoy using.

We usually think of spa gift baskets as the ideal gift for a mother, wife, or even a best friend but there are others for whom they could be ideal gifts.

  • If you are a female employer, your female employees may enjoy one to show your appreciation for their dedication and hard work. A male employer would most likely not want to give a spa gift basket to a female employee as it could create the wrong impression.
  • Say Thank You to a favorite teacher. Include a card with the gift telling them encouraging them to relax and enjoy the products after a busy stressful work day.
  • In addition to moms and wives, think aunts, grandmothers, your husband’s mother, or just about any woman.
  • Spa gift baskets can even be great gifts for kids. For example, this Teddy Bear Love Spa Gift Box would be loved by any young girl.
  • There are even spa gift baskets that men would love.

Some Things to Consider When Choosing a Spa Gift

If you know the recipient you are buying a gift for has a problem with allergies, you need to be careful – particularly with scented products.

It helps if you know what kind of scented products someone prefers.  There are those who like lavender, fruit-scented, mint, etc while there are others who don’t like scented products at all.  They may prefer more natural or unscented bath and body products and lotions.  If you are unsure, lean more towards the natural scents.

Although most people have bath tubs in their homes, there are some who only have showers.  In that case, you would not want to include bubble baths, bath salts, etc that would be used in a tub.

So How Do You Make a DIY Spa Basket?

Putting together a spa gift basket is not difficult.  First, choose your container.  It could be a basket, tray, bucket, or anything else.  You want to do this first so that you know how much space you have to fill with products.  You want the completed gift to look full without lots of empty spaces.  Unless you are creating a gift box with everything laying flat, you want the products to stand up in the basket.

Then choose the products.  You can spend a lot of money if you choose luxury products or stick to products from the dollar store or even the grocery store.  You can even mix expensive with cheaper products if you choose well.  Look for products that look expensive even if they are not.

Decide if you want to stick to a particular scent or color or just want to go wild with a variety.  Some things to include are body or hand lotion, bath bombs, shower gel, body butter, bubble bath, soaps, body scrubs, etc.

Then look for other products that the recipient could use to pamper and relax.  These could be things like candles, sleep mask, sponge or loofah, slippers, robe, comfy socks, soft bath cloths and towels, massager, and a music CD of relaxing music.

You can create a whole gift basket with foot products or add them to your bath spa basket.  Choose from foot soak, lotion, foot scrub, file, nail brush, nail clippers and/or scissors.

If you enjoy crafts and making items, you can find recipes and ingredients for making your own soaps, bath bombs, candles, etc.

What to Not Include in Your DIY Spa Basket

When thinking relaxation and pampering, the first thoughts that come to mind are chocolates, teas and other beverages.  But be aware.  Food products tend to pick up fragrances from the bath products or even scented candles.  It is best to not use any kind of food products with scented bath products.  Tightly sealed beverages – such as cider or lemonade – such be fine.

How to Put the Spa Gift Basket Together

Line the basket or other container with tissue paper, purchased shred, or even a towel.  Roll up items like towels or bath cloths and tie with a ribbon.  If you are using a basket that is deep, you may want to put clean packing paper or Styrofoam peanuts in the bottom, topping with the tissue paper and then arrange the items on top.

Put the tallest items in the back with the shorter ones in front.  If you have flat products, you can stand them up in the back.  You can always use some silk greenery or florals if you like with the products.  They can work well as fillers if you don’t have enough products to fill the container.

Then wrap with clear cello or use a cello bag.  You can get these inexpensively at most dollar stores. Top with a bow.  If you don’t have the skills to make a pretty bow, a pull bow works well.  You could also use a wide ribbon to make a shoestring bow.

Spa Gift Baskets Make Fun Gifts

They can be fun to make and fun to give or receive.  But if you decide that you don’t have the time to shop for the products and make your own, check out our assortment of Spa Gift Baskets and choose one to send to that special person.