Creative Gift Ideas to Celebrate a New Mom


Becoming a new mom is a huge milestone in any woman’s life. It’s a time filled with joy, wonder, and sleepless nights. If you know a new mom, you’ll want to celebrate this special time with her.

Finding creative gifts that a new mom will love can be difficult.  It takes thought and a knowledge of the new mom’s likes and dislikes.  You want to get her someting that would be pratical and help her with the adjustment to being a parent.  On the other hand, you may want to consider a gift that will encourage her to relax and take time to rejuvenate.

When we think “baby gifts,” what comes to mind is usually things for the baby.  But most new parents probably have enough onesies, diapers, and bottles, from their baby shower or thinking ahead and buying them.  So it is nice to get something for a new mom that is for them rather than just for the baby.  You could, of course, combine the two objectives into one large gift basket.

Being creative when choosing just the right gift for that new mom takes a litle thought and effort.  But we can help you with that. We’ve made a list of some ideas for creative gifts every new mom will love. But first, consider the following three points. They will  help you narrow down your options when choosing a gift.

1.  The nature of your relationship

If the new mother is a close friend or relative, you probably know her well. You know her interests, personal style, and taste. It allows you to make the gift more personal and show her that you know her well and care. If you are a work colleague or just an acquaintance, it is better to stay on the safer side and make your gift more general.

2.  Is your gift truly useful?

Make sure that your gift is something the new mom will actually use and will make her life easier. You can ask her friends or relatives what she needs.

3.  The message that the gift sends

Although the newly arrived baby is the center of the world, and you certainly want to show the new mom that you share her joy, the gift should not only be related to the baby. Show how important she is to you with a gift.

With all this in mind, here are unique and creative ideas you can use to bring a smile to any new mom!

Personalized gifts for a new mom

Consider personalized gifts if you want your gift to be special and unique. Presents like these are something you give to someone truly close to you, someone you know very well. That’s why they have such a personal meaning and are one of the most beautiful things you can give. Personalized gifts show that you didn’t buy a gift just to get it done.

Coffee Mug for Mum - Best Mommy Ever When buying gifts for a new mom, a good idea would be a coffee mug, for example, with a personalized inscription such as Best Mommy Ever or use another title such as Mom or Mother.

Jewelry is always a great gift, but why not make it even more special by personalizing it? A piece of jewelry with the new baby’s name or birthdate is a touching reminder of this special time in the new mom’s life. Another example is to order a personalized key chain. Either way, personalized gifts are gifts every new mom will love.

Teddy bears are gifts every new mom will love

Gifting a teddy bear is a great way to show your affection.  But more than that, many studies have shown that a comfort object like a teddy bear increases emotional well being, coping skills, resilience, self-esteem and sleep because the object triggers self-soothing behaviour.  The new mom will enjoy the affection that the gift shows but as the new baby gets older, mom can share the bear with the child.

Baby gift basket with teddy bear and unicornTeddy bears usually help kids stay calm at night and keep them entertained during the day. They give a feeling of coziness and comfort that every child needs. Toys like these will give a new mom a little more free time for herself. If the child is crying, a teddy bear will make them stay quiet, so this toy is certainly a lot of help for a mother. You can always order personalized teddy bears if you want your gift to be personal and unique. A teddy bear can be given as a stand alone gift or combined with other useful things in a gift basket like the one pictured.

Self-care baskets

The first months as a new parent can be hectic and tiring.  As both the baby and te new parent adjust to each other, irregular sleep, round-the-clock feeding, possibly colic, and lots of crying are suddenly a part of life.  All this becomes a source of stress.

Lavender Essence Spa Gift Basket for womanThe new schedule, or most likely the lack of one, leaves new mothers with little time for self-care. That’s why a self-care gift basket is a great gift. It provides a chance for the new mom to lower her stress levels and focus on herself. Another gift idea if the parents for whom you are buying a gift have a reliable babysitter, is to schedule appointments at the spa center or visit the sauna and offer to keep the baby if you can be abailable.

Books gift basket

Baby Gift basket filled with stuffed animal and assortment of classic booksWhen my first daughter was born, I loved all the gifts but the one that I appreciated the most was a gift that she could use when she was older.  It was a gift filled with books with simple language and colorful pictures that I could read to her as she was growing and developing.  Reading to her helped her fall asleep.  Some of those books remained favorites throughout her younger years.  I kept some of them as sentimental keepsakes evan after she had grown up.

 Breakfast in bed for Mom

Breakfast onn a Tray gift basketWhat mom wouldn’t love breakfast in bed?  A new mom who has been up during the nigh feeding baby would appreciate being able to spend some extra moments enjoying a breakfast that she didn’t have to cook.  There’s enough variety in this premium breakfast gift basket for several breakfasts.

Family Meals they don’t have to cook

You can prepare a few meals or gift them with meal delivery cards, so they don’t have to worry about cooking for a couple of days or weeks.  A meal delivery service is a thoughtful gift that will help take the pressure off meal planning and preparation. Look for a service that offers healthy, nutritious meals.

The one gift that they will most likely enjoy the most is a homecooked meal that they didn’t have to cook.  If you know some of their friends, you could arrange a series of meals, each provided by a different friend.  All you would have to do is arrange the schedule and perhaps provide one of the meals.

Subscription Box

A subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving. There are many subscription boxes tailored to new moms, such as boxes filled with baby clothes, toys, and accessories. This is a great gift for a new mom who may not have time to shop for these items herself.

House Cleaning Service

Cleaning can be a daunting task for any new mom. A house cleaning service is a practical gift that will help the new mom keep her home clean and tidy. Look for a service that uses eco-friendly cleaning products.

Baby Book

A baby book is a wonderful way to record all the special moments of a new baby’s life. Look for a book with plenty of space for photos and notes.

Personalized Blanket

A personalized blanket is a cozy and practical gift for a new mom and baby. Look for a soft, comfortable blanket that can be customized with the baby’s name or birthdate.


Finally, the best gift you can give a new mom is your time. Offer to babysit so she can have a night out, or just spend time with her and the new baby. Your support and friendship will mean the world to her.

Final thoughts

When we think of gifts for a new mom, the first thing that comes to mind is Baby Gift Baskets. These are always appreciated but a creative gift idea for mom will be loved.  So choose from one of our suggestions, or put on your creative thinking cap and come up with your own creative gift idea.