Best Housewarming Gifts To Impress And Delight Your Friends

Moving to a new home is an exciting and often stressful time for your friends. Whether they're renting their first apartment or buying a house, a housewarming gift is a great way to show your support and help them settle in.

But with so many options out there, how do you choose the perfect gift?

In this article, we've compiled a list of the best practical housewarming gift ideas that will impress and delight your friends. These gifts are not only thoughtful but also functional, making them ideal for helping your friends create a warm and comfortable space they can call home.

So, whether you're shopping for a close friend, a relative, or a coworker, keep reading to find the perfect gift that fits your budget and their style.

Is there a difference between moving day gift baskets and housewarming baskets?

Gourmet gold gift basket

For years, housewarming baskets have been a way to welcome someone to the neighborhood or their new home.

In the early days of our country, people would welcome new neighbors with a basket of food that they had baked, grown, dried, or canned. A tin of freshly baked biscuits and a jar of jam, jelly, syrup, or honey made the move much more pleasant for the newcomer.

These gifts of homemade goods later became what is commonly referred to as "housewarming gift baskets" filled with an assortment of foods and beverages.  They were given to the new resident either at the time they moved into their new home, at a housewarming party, or even several days or weeks after the move.

In today's world, however, there is a rising trend to give "moving day baskets."  We want to clarify right from the beginning that these two are basically the same thing but with a twist.

If you ever moved or helped a friend do so, you know how much stress this process brings with it. It seems like there is an infinite number of things to think about during relocation. So, if you want to help your loved ones achieve the successful completion of this task, you can give them a moving day gift basket.

On the other hand, housewarming baskets are usually gifted when people have already moved into a new home. They're not here to help them relocate but to give them a hand with settling down in a new place.

With that being said, this doesn't mean that moving day baskets can't serve the same purpose. You're choosing what you're going to put inside of them, so you can decide what they're for. It doesn't matter when you give them.

Now, let's get started on gift ideas that would delight your friends on moving day or afterwards.

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#1 Moving Day Gift Idea

Although they are pretty similar, there are still a few key differences between a moving day gift and a homewarming gift.

Apartment welcome gift

Typically, people tend to forget to bring basic things like soap, towels, and even food when relocating.  There are too many things on their minds, so forgetting these necessities isn't surprising. If you are delivering the gift on moving day, you might want to include the practical things like toilet paper, paper plates and utensils, soap,, and even trash bags in a basket or gift box.

Or they could appreciate your filling their refrigerator with the necessary grocery essentials for their first few days in the new home.  This could be things like milk, juice, cereal, bread, lunch meat with condiments, etc.  Don't forget to include paper plates and utensils.  This is one gift that they will remember forever.

#2 A Bottle of Wine

Best Housewarming Gifts To Impress And Delight Your Friends 9

A bottle of Wine is something you may think of first.  But be careful here.  Not everyone drinks and there are those hidden alcoholics that you may not be aware of.

If we are creating a custom basket for you, we can't include wine since the federal government requires companies to have a liquor license to sell alcohol.

If you do decide to create a DIY gift basket and include wine, don't forget to add a corkscrew and a couple of wine glasses in case they haven't unpacked theirs yet.  You could always  include an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages.

Even though we don't have a liquor license and can't include wine in the baskets that we create, we have arranged with a company in California to ship wine gift baskets to our customers and friends.  They have the license and can ship directly to that special someone who would enjoy a bottle of wine and all the goodies to go with it after they have settled in their new home.

#3 A Meat and Cheese Tray

Deluxe gourmet meat and cheese giftUnless they are vegetarian, a meat and cheese gift basket can be very welcome., so why not welcome your friends into their new home with a lovely selection of sausages, cheeses and more.  This easy-to-eat with no preparation cutting board filled with a nice selection of cheeses and sausages is a very practical gift that will be appreciated as they unpack all those boxes.

#4 A Breakfast Tray

Breakfast Tea TrayA tray filled with all the ingredients for a relaxing breakfast for them to enjoy before starting the day is a gift that almost everyone will appreciate. This breakfast tray contains enough different breakfast options that they can enjoy several breakfasts.  And the practical white tray will be useful over and over again.

#5 A fire extinguisher is a practical unforgettable gift

Best Housewarming Gifts To Impress And Delight Your Friends 10Best Housewarming Gifts To Impress And Delight Your Friends 11Although we hope that your friends won't ever have to use it, buying a fire extinguisher  for the kitchen is a practical housewarming gift. It will be a memorable gift as you'll surely be remembered for your originality as it's improbable anyone else will think of the same present.

#6 Relaxing Gift Ideas

Lavender scented spa gift basket

After a busy moving day, something to help them rest and relax would be appreciated.  A  Spa Gift Basket   will encourage your friends to have some well-deserved rest and pampering after an exhausting move.

#7 House plant

House plants make great housewarming gifts because they last a long time, unlike flowers.  A beautiful plant is a great way to add some life to a new home.  It can be a symbol of growth and fresh start. This can really help if the new homeowners are first-time buyers and don't have much decor at the moment.

Plants are definitely among the best housewarming gifts because they easily fit into any interior design. Plus, plants come with many health benefits and are the best way to help bring nature into your friend's new home.  A unique plant gift idea is a bonsai tree which will make them remember you for years to come.

Even if your new homeowner friend is a brown thumb, don't be discouraged from buying them a plant. There are plenty of gorgeous and low-maintenance options that will make any home feel instantly welcoming and homey.

#8 Watercolor Portrait of the New Home

Best Housewarming Gifts To Impress And Delight Your Friends 12Best Housewarming Gifts To Impress And Delight Your Friends 13A picture of the new home created in watercolor on canvas is another creative unique gift that will not be discarded.  Created from a photo of the home, this watercolor painting of their new home  arrives framed and ready to hang.

There are plenty of moving-in traditions, such as throwing a housewarming party which is something you might want to do for them.

#9 Welcome to Your New Home gift basket

Welcome Home Gift Basket with gourmet foodsYou can't go wrong with a welcome to your new home gift basket!

We already mentioned the wine and cheese option, but the beauty of gift baskets is that you can make them with anything you want. Think about what your friends like and might need in their new home, and give them a gift they will love and appreciate.

#10 Custom Doormat

You won't immediately think of a doormat. However, it makes an excellent housewarming present. The doormat may be personalized in any way you choose- just put their name, a favorite quotation, or something you think would stand out. If your friends have a pet, a great gift for them and their owner would be a doormat with their picture. Since you can tailor it to your friends' personalities, you can create something unique that will bring a smile to their faces anytime they come home from work. We're sure their guests will notice and love it, too.

#11 Their Favorite Beverage

Coffee Gift Basket

There's no better way to make them feel at home in their new place than with something that will make their morning routine even more enjoyable. Anything from custom coffee mugs and French press to the box of their favorite brew will work.

Or, you can make your life easier and get them a fantastic coffee or tea gift basket.  Any true coffeeholic or tea lover would be thrilled to receive such a gift!

#12 No Place Like Home Gift Basket

There's No Place Like Home Housewarming Gift Box

No Place Like Home  is a little different way to send something other than sweets for them to enjoy.  This Home Sweet Home gift box is filled with an assortment of gourmet treats and snacks and will make them feel at home.

#13  Gifts for the Kitchen

The kitchen is among the most important rooms in any home. That’s why there are so many things you need when your friends are setting up a new one. It’s also why the kitchen is a great place to start when you’re thinking of the perfect welcome gift idea.

If they like to cook and spend time in the kitchen, a collection of kitchen tools, a variety of spices, kitchen towels or even a cookbook to add to their collection will be appreciated.

Perhaps they need a new coffee pot or toaster or have told you that they would like to try an air fryer.  Surprise them with it.

As they transition from living at home with their parents or in a cramped city apartment, many college students and first-time homeowners find themselves in need of a number of basic household products and tools. They will most likely prioritize buying basics like a toaster. Get them something fancy like a coffee grinder so they can make their own coffee, a waffle maker, or even a smart speaker, and you'll really impress them.

#14  Personalized Cutting Board

Best Housewarming Gifts To Impress And Delight Your Friends 14A wooden cutting board can be customized with a quote, names, or even a family tree.  This is a gift that can be used in the kitchen as a cutting board or for creating a charcuterie board.  You could even order the board in advance and then create a charcuterie board for them as a housewarming gift.

#15 A Photo Album

A new photo album or a digital photo frame will allow them to document all the memories they make in their new home.

#16  A Gift Card

A gift card to a home improvement store or plant center will help them with any new projects they wish to tackle to update or make the new home and yard more personal.

A gift card to a special restaurant will make it easy for them to enjoy a night out without having to cook after doing all that unpacking and arranging that comes with moving to a new home.

#17  A Ring Video Doorbell

If they haven't already added one to their front door, a Ring Video Doorbell will add to their safety and security.

#18  Personalized Address Stamp

A personalized address stamp will make it easy for them to send out change of address cards or any other kinds of mail.

#19 Scented Candle

Best Housewarming Gifts To Impress And Delight Your Friends 15Best Housewarming Gifts To Impress And Delight Your Friends 16A scented candle personalized with a new home message will be something that they can enjoy during a quiet evening at home.  This is a budget gift that will be enjoyed long after they are settled in their new home.  Each time they look at it, or light it, they will think of you and your creative gift idea.

#20 Outdoor Gift Ideas

If they are moving into a house for the first time, they may find themselves in need of a variety of tools, equipment, and furnishings for their new yard.

Maybe the new homeowner can't wait to get their hands dirty and start growing their own fruits and vegetables.  Include gardening gloves, tools for digging and weeding, and starter plants in a personalized gift bucket or wheelbarrow.

You can also help them get ready for BBQ season with some cool equipment.  Gear for barbecuing, including utensils and a selection of sauces or rubs, and cedar boards for grilling are all great housewarming gift ideas for close friends! And don't forget the lawn chairs.

#21 Voucher for Your Time

If you're strapped for cash but want to help the new homeowners out, or if you just want to be more useful to them, then simple assistance is a wonderful present.

Don’t know how to help your friends move? You can give them a hand when settling in in many different ways. Babysit their kids or dogs while they move, assist them in unpacking, assist them in decorating or cleaning up before they move in, or assist them with completing any of the numerous other jobs they will have on their to-do list. You can make a DIY voucher for this, and your friends will definitely find it charming!


There are more ideas below.  Check them out or get in touch with one of the experienced professionals from Creative Gifts to Go, as we'll be more than happy to help you choose a perfect housewarming present.

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