Cookies Make Everything Better!  So Send Cookie Gifts!

Many of us have fond memories of baking cookies as children. And learned to count with the lovable Muppet Cookie Monster. who shouted “Cookie! Cookie!” in his gruff voice. And, of course, Hansel & Gretel in the beloved fairy tale sprinkled a trail of cookie crumbs hoping to use them to find their way home.

We eat cookie dough (against the advice of medical professionals), put cookies in and on ice cream, and crush them to combine with other desserts and even make cookie pie crusts.  We share them with family and friends but sometimes keep them all to ourselves.  There seems to be a cookie for every occasion, every meal, and every day.

The average person eats 35,000 cookies and drinks 1,680 gallons of milk in their lifetime.

Every day is a good day for cookies.
Whether we eat them for breakfast dessert, snack, or tea.
Try our cookies and you’ll be sure to agree

Cookies are one of our favorite gift ideas.  They bring back warm memories of being in the kitchen, baking cookies with a favorite grandmother or mom.

They have been a part of our world for hundreds or thousands of years, possibly going back to the fifth century when sugar was first discovered and cultivated.  We don’t know who first combined the ingredients of sugar, flour, and fat into these magical bites but we do know that they were first commercially produced in the late 1800’s.

Since then, cookies have become an enormous industry.  The world can't get enough of cookies.  They have been produced in multiple forms with numerous ingredients.  They appear as cut, pressed, rolled, or molded.  They can be chewy, soft and moist, or buttery and flaky.  They can be filled, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, frosted with sweetness, or served plain.  They can contain nuts, chocolate chips, fruits, and more.  Bits of paper containing our fortune or words of advice are inserted into them. There is a cookie for everyone.

Even the media loves cookies as they broadcast cookie baking competitions and tour the best places for cookies in the country.  Hansel and Gretel created a trail of cookie crumbs in the familiar fairy tale.  And, of course, there is the famed Cookie Monster of Sesame Street fame who never seems to have enough cookies.

Any occasion or any day is a good day to enjoy cookies.  They can be enjoyed in any weather, with any beverage, and anytime of the year.

Individual personalized brownies
Personalized brownies and cookies make great promotional gifts for marketing

Need a gift to impress those potential customers?

Gourmet Cookies are a great marketing tool. They provide a friendly personal way to do business. And, best of all, cookies are non-sexist, politically correct, non denominational, and what could be more American?

Cookies are a gift everyone will love. Gourmet Cookies are fun to give and yummy to receive. Here at Creative Gifts, we’ve discovered that Chocolate Chip cookies are the favorite choice of most of our customers and we offer them in all kinds of containers to create Unique Cookie Gifts for Everyone.

They are such a popular gift that we've combined them with inspirational, encouraging sayings and even with dressed teddy bears to create some uniquely different ways to say "I'm thinking of you!"

Even promotional product companies understand the value of cookies as gifts.  Maple Ridge Farms , our favorite company has gifts that include a variety of gifts and can be dropshipped to your customers and clients anywhere in the country.

With a little help from your friends at Creative Gifts, you’ll have a cookie gift that will put a smile on their face. Order cookie gifts online for shipping anywhere in the U.S.

To help you get started, here are some of our favorite cookie gifts.  Send one today and make everything better for someone.


The Sweet Benefits of Giving Cookie Gifts

When it comes to gift giving, cookies are a popular choice for many reasons.  Not only are they delicious and enjoyed by just about everyone, but they also offer several benefits that make them an excellent gift for any occasion.

A Personal Touch

One of the best things about giving cookies that they allow you to add a personal touch to your present.  Whether you bake the cookies yourself or choose one of our unique cookie gifts, they show that you put thought and effort into choosing a gift especailly for them.


Another great benefit of giving cookies as a gift is their versatility.  Cookies can be given for any occasion, from birthdays and holidays to thank-you gifts and sympathy gestures.   They can also be combined with other items to create a unique gift basket.  An example is adding a teddy bear as we did in our "I Need You Bear Hug Gift Box." 


Cookie gifts are an affordable gift option, making them ideal for those on a tight budget.  You can make a batch of cookies yourself or purchase ready-made ones.  Cookie gifts can also be packaged in a variety of ways from simple cellophane bags to decorate tins, boxes, or baskets.  This flexibility allows you to create a beautiful gift without breaking the bank.

Regardless of the occasion, cookies can make a great gift.  They're sweet, thoughtful, and can be personalized to the recipient's tastes.  So next time that you're looking or a gift idea, consider giving the gift of cookies!

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