Giving Great Gifts to Personal Training Clients

You started your career as a personal trainer because of your passion for helping others be the very best they could be.  Now that you are successful and have followers, perhaps it is time to show your appreciation to those who have trusted you enough to become your clients.  This will also help you stand out from the crowd of the many others who call themselves personal trainers.

Not sure what kind of gift you should choose?  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

There’s nothing better than a relaxing spa day after a long day of exercise

Lavender Spa Gift BasketPampering yourself after a long day of hard work is always welcome.  Hold that thought because that can be a good starting point in figuring out what type of gifts your clients would appreciate the most. If they have been working hard to keep up with your routines and exercises, think about giving them a spa day at home.  We are confident that most of your clients will find this idea appealing. Who doesn’t love the smell of lavender or the soothing and calming effect of chamomile? Together with a scented candle, it creates a perfect setting for some relaxing music and complete unwinding.

You cannot go wrong with a classic gift basket

lassic Gourmet Gift BasketSuppose you don’t know all of your clients that well to create completely personalized gifts. In that case, a classic gourmet gift basket is the best choice. Nothing says thank you better than a selection of some fine gourmet foods or, if you prefer, a selection of meats and cheese If you want to go a step further, you can create a custom-made food basket. Fill it with some healthy snacks, high protein food, or your client’s favorites. Your training clients will feel special knowing that you are thinking about them. That can be an opportunity for you to ensure yourself some repeat business and precious word of mouth recommendations.  Prepare well and choose the best thank you gift basket you can find. The amount of time you put into this project will benefit your business and, hopefully, bring in some new clients in the future.


You may be surprised that cookies can be among ideal gifts for personal training clients

You are Awesome Cookie Gift BoxCookies always smell so lovely. They are pretty delicious, too. Besides, they bring memories of our childhood or the holidays with the family. A cute cookie gift box could be something you can use as a base for your gifts.  Make sure every cookie is wrapped and well packed because you want them to stay fresh and tasty. An additional idea would be to put in a thank you note or a personalized note with some inspirational words. You could reflect on your client’s journey towards healthy habits or praise their commitment to your training sessions.  Tell them how awesome they are!   If you include such a note into your cookie gift box, you are bound to have success with your gifts for personal training clients.

Putting a smile on your clients’ face is investing in your business

Your job as a fitness trainer is to provide your clients with the necessary know-how to live a healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity and exercise are the core of your business, but your clients should also focus on having a healthy diet. We are sure you have been giving your clients great advice on what to eat.  A meal prep kit or some protein bar package can also be a good option for a thank you gift. You can always go with the obvious choice like a protein shaker or a water bottle. If branded, some gym equipment can be an excellent way to promote your business besides being a fantastic gift idea for your clients.

If you want to go with gifts that specifically relate to fitness, then you should think about backpacks, towels, or even branded dumbbells. Books are another idea that your clients would not expect but could use and appreciate. Find a selection of titles that promote healthy choices and share advice on maintaining your diet or learning to enjoy new activities. Those should be fun and inspirational and give your clients a further boost to give their best at your training sessions.

Get creative and help your business strive towards success.

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