Employee Farewell Gift Ideas

Goodbyes are never easy, especially when it comes to saying farewell to valued members of your team. Whether they’re leaving to pursue new opportunities, retiring, or relocating, it’s important to show departing employees that they will be missed and that their contributions to the company will be remembered.

One way to do this is by giving a thoughtful farewell gift that expresses your appreciation and gratitude for their hard work and dedication. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of creative and meaningful farewell gift ideas that will help you send your departing employees off with a heartfelt goodbye.

Giving employees a going-away gift demonstrates how much you appreciate the time and work they’ve given to your company.  In addition, perhaps without intending to do so, you are increasing the morale of your remaining employees as they see that you respect and value a departing one.  Employees value benefits such as a salary increase, a longer vacation, and shorter work hours.  But research has shown is that what employees value the most is appreciation.

Choosing a Going-away gift for your employees

There are many factors to consider when deciding what going-away present to give an employee, such as how long they have been with your company, their reason for leaving and their relationship with other employees.

The perfect gift to show your appreciation for their service doesn’t have to be expensive.  Something as simple as a letter from you expressing your thanks for their service, taking them out to lunch or having a cake delivered during coffee break may be adequate.

But there are times when you may want to do more. Here are some ideas to consider.

Gift baskets are an excellent idea

Thanks for making a difference cooler bag filled with snacksGift baskets are always an excellent idea!  You can find a gift basket that will speak for you.

Or choose a gourmet gift basket filled with their favorite foods.    If you are a female business owner with female employees, a pamper or spa basket can be given to encourage them to take care of herself as she moves on to the next adventure.

You are Amazng Gift BoxFor the male employees or even the female ones who enjoy hunting, fishing, golfing, or other sports, a themed sports basket will put a smile on their face.

For an inexpensive gift that will make them feel really appreciated, choose a cookie gift box that says You Are Awesome.


Souvenirs and location-themed gifts

If your employee is moving to another city or state, gifting them with a location-themed item is a good idea. A key ring or a book about their new place will show your support. On the other hand, you might want to gift them with some item that will remind them of your current location. A local landscape print or a mug gift will always remind them of the good times and happy memories at your company.

personalized business card holderDesk items for their new workplace

One of the most practical farewell gift ideas for your employees is office items for their desks. A pencil holder, a calendar, a desk organizer, personalized business card holder, or a mug are all items that they’ll use. And, of course, they’ll serve as reminders of time spent in your company.

Personalized gifts

Thank you coffee mug filled with coffeesIf you know your employees well, a gift with a personal flair is the right way to go. You can give just about anything  depending on what the person in question likes. A box of favorite chocolate, a coffee maker, or a coffee selection, a  plant, or even a teddy bear – there are no limits.

Throw them a farewell party!

Last but not least, what better way to say goodbye than to throw an office party! Not only will it show your appreciation of the employee that is leaving, but it will also encourage and motivate the rest of the team. A party will give a break to your current staff, and help them relax and enjoy their workplace more. They will be grateful for your care and attention.  So, order your leaving employee their favorite cake and spend a few hours enjoying yourself and creating valuable bonds.

Final thoughts

There are many benefits from providing care and attention to your employees. Not only does it end your professional relationship in a pleasant manner, but it also encourages the rest of your staff. Giving farewell gifts creates a positive working environment and leads to your employees appreciating their work more. Of course, what gift you’ll choose depends on why your employee is leaving, how long they’ve worked for you and the size of your company.

So don’t hesitate to be known as the boss who really cares.

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