The Power of Gratitude: Why Thanking Your Customers Pays Off

Your customers are your most important asset.  Without them, you have no sales, no profits, no business.

Keeping those customers and inviting them to return again and again is the most important marketing thing you can do.  So, when does it pay to thank your customers?

  1. When they do business with you — every time. It bears repeating. Customers have options every time they need your gifts.  It’s easy to take regular and walk-in customers for granted.  Don’t.  Thank them for choosing to do business with you.
  2. When they compliment you (or your company). Compliments can be embarrassing.  But shrugging off customers’ sincere praise says, “You dummy, I’m not really that good.”  Instead accept it gracefully.  Say “Thank you,” and add “I really appreciate your business.
  3. When they offer comments or suggestions. Thanking customers for feedback says that you’ve heard what they had to say and you value their opinion.  Something as simple as “Thank you for taking the time to tell me that! It really helps us know where we can do better,” delivered with eye contact and a smile, can work wonders.
  4. When they recommend you to a friend. When customers recommend you, they put themselves on the line.  If you deliver, they look good.  If you don't . . .
  5. When they try something new. Trying something new can be uncomfortable.  And risky.  After all, the old and familiar is so, well, old and familiar.  Thank customers for daring to try something different.
  6. When they are patient . . . And not so patient. Whether they tell you about it or not (and boy, will some customers tell you about it!), no one likes to wait.  Think about the last time you were kept waiting in your doctor’s office.  Thanking customers for their patience says you noticed and you value their time.  It is also one of the quickest ways to defuse customers who have waited too long and are none to happy about it.
  7. When they help you serve them better. Some customers are always prepared.  They have all the information you need, when you need it.  They make you life a lot easier so thank them for it.
  8. When they complain to you. Thank them for complaining.  Hard to do?  Absolutely! But it works.  Customers who tell you they are unhappy are giving you a second chance.  And that’s quite a gift.  Now you have a chance to win their renewed loyalty, which will give you additional opportunities to thank them in the future.  But, blow that chance and you’ll never see or hear from them again — but their friends will.

  9. When they make you smile. A smile is one of the greatest gifts you can receive.  Saying thank you  just makes it better.

When it comes time for you to thank your customers, here are some ideas to choose from that will make them remember you and your business with a smile.

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