A wedding is one of the most important events in people’s lives, and they want to share it with people they love. So, how do we convey our love and support when we can’t be there in person?

If for whatever reason you have to miss a friend’s or relative’s wedding, an excellent way to show how much you care and that you’re sorry you couldn’t attend is to send a gift. To help you choose a perfect one, here is our list of wedding gifts to give the couple when you can’t attend the ceremony.

Should you send a gift even if you can’t attend the ceremony?

You might be wondering if you should even send a gift given when you can’t attend the ceremony.

The standard etiquette says you’re not obligated. However, if your relationship with the couple means a lot to you, sending a gift is a great way to show it.

lassic Gourmet Gift Basket
If you know the couple well, it is good to create a custom gift basket and fill it with their favorite things.
  • If you are not that close with the couple, sending a card is more than enough.

  • If you missed a family member’s wedding, consider sending a small present. You can check their registry, or even better, go for something unique. For instance, if they enjoy fine wines, choose one of the wine gift baskets, and you won’t make a mistake.

  • If your close friend tied the knot and you couldn’t be there, make sure to send a gift that you planned on buying for the wedding. Also, make it a point to go out together before or after the wedding to celebrate. 

What if you were not invited?

There are plenty of couples who decide to elope rather than having a large wedding for a variety of reasons.  

Even if your relative or best friend from childhood decided to get married surrounded by only witnesses and family, why not surprise them with a wedding gift? The fact you were not invited doesn’t mean that you’re not important to them

Ideas for wedding gifts to give the couple when you can’t attend the ceremony

Sometimes, things happen and get in the way of attending a special event in a life of a person we care about. However, there are still ways to show you care and that you’re sorry you’ll miss the ceremony. Sending them a present is one of them. After all, gifting comes with many benefits for everyone. 

Below are some ideas for wedding gifts to give the couple when you can’t attend the ceremony.  

But first, think about what they like

Breakfast onn a Tray gift basketIf you are very close to the couple, we can only imagine how sorry you must feel for missing out on their big day. Sending a personalized gift is a great way to show that and make them feel special. For instance, a custom gift basket is a great way to go. You can choose items you know they love, or that remind you of the adventures you had together. Or surprise them with a “breakfast in bed” gift.  We’re sure they’ll appreciate the thought behind it.

Champagne Flutes
A gift that will be remembered and used for years.

Champagne Flutes

Even though you can’t be there to toast the happy couple in person, it doesn’t mean you can’t still do it in spirit. A great way to do this is to give a pair of  champagne flutes that are personalized with their names.   Including a champagne bottle is just a plus. If you decide on something else for the wedding gift, surprise them with this pair of flutes for an  anniversary gift  next year.

Funny gifts

Every one of us has a joker among our friends. If your joker friend is getting married, why not give them a gift that celebrates their funny side? There are so many great gifts to choose from, such as funny mugs, or you can even order a prank. You can even get creative and make something on your own. For instance, make a scrapbook and fill it up with funny stories about your friendship. You’ll have to agree that gifts like that don’t have a price.

You can’t go wrong with art

Everyone loves art! Gifting a painting or an interesting sculpture is a great way to wish someone the best of luck in their marriage. What would make this type of gift even better is personalizing it. For instance, you can order a custom wedding print that will always remind them of their special day. Or, you can make a collage of your photos together and have it printed on canvas. 

Pampering set

If one thing is sure about weddings, that is they can be stressful.  Why not help the happy couple by giving them a spa gift basket? It’s a perfect way to say you’re sorry you can’t be there. 

Don’t forget to write a card

Lastly, don’t forget to add a hand-written card to whichever gift you choose. It’s a small gesture, but it can make your gift that much better and more memorable. If you want to go a step further, you can write a poem or a funny story. 

Which one of wedding gifts to give the couple when you can’t attend the ceremony will you choose?

If you are very close to the couple, not making it to the ceremony doesn’t mean you shouldn’t honor their love by sending a gift. That way, you’ll show how much you care. It doesn’t have to be expensive as it’s the gesture that counts, and anyone would appreciate it. Hopefully, our ideas for wedding gifts to give the couple when you can’t attend the ceremony inspired you to think of a memorable and unique present.


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