Today is the Beginning of the Rest of Your Life

January 1, 2023
Today is the beginning of the rest of your life—
both personal and in business.

This reminds me of another day almost 62 years ago — March 3, 1961.  I walked out of the National US Census Office for the last time.  As I looked around me at the snow on the ground and the large complex located just outside Washington DC, I thought about the previous six months living with a new husband in a city that was so different from the southern city of my childhood.

Now we were leaving as he was discharged from the Navy to travel across the country to a new area that I only knew from reading John Steinbeck’s novels — Santa Cruz, California on Monterey Bay.

My thoughts were much as they are on this first day of a new year.  Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.  So make it the very best that it can be.

And I have.  During the past 62 years, there have been new experiences and new opportunities as this new husband and I have grown old together.  Of course, no life is complete bliss.  But, for me, there have been few regrets as I look back on a life that has been the very best that it can be.

None of us know what tomorrow will bring or how many more tomorrows we will have.  But today — the first day of a new year — is a good time to reflect on the past, own our mistakes as well as our accomplishments and plan to make 2023 the best year that it can possibly be.

Resolutions are easily broken but plans that are in writing are there to remind us of our hopes and dreams.  I invite you to take some time and sit down to reflect, review, revisit the past year and then write your plans on how you are going to make the year 2023 the very best that it can possibly be.  Then do it!

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