Our Signature Meat & Cheese Gift Box


Prepare for a gourmet snacking experience with this enticing selection of flavors. This gift includes:

  1. 3 oz. Cheddar Cheese Round: Indulge in the creamy and sharp flavors of this cheddar cheese round, perfect for enjoying on its own or pairing with your favorite crackers.
  2. 4 oz. Smoked Gouda Round: Delight in the smoky and velvety notes of this smoked gouda round, offering a rich and indulgent snacking experience.
  3. 4 oz. Roasted Garlic Cheese Square: Experience the robust and savory flavors of this roasted garlic cheese square, adding a delightful twist to your palate.
  4. 4 oz. Horseradish Cheese Square: Enjoy the zesty and tangy kick of this horseradish cheese square, adding a bold and spicy element to your snacking adventure.
  5. 12 oz. Usinger’s Thueringer Sausage: Savor the authentic flavors of this Thueringer sausage, carefully crafted for a truly exceptional taste.
  6. 12 oz. Usinger’s Italian Style Summer Sausage: Delight in the traditional Italian flavors of this summer sausage, offering a perfect blend of spices and seasonings.
  7. 5 oz. Usinger’s Summer Sausage: Indulge in the classic flavors of this summer sausage, delivering a savory and satisfying snacking experience.
  8. 5 oz. Usinger’s Beef Salami with Garlic: Experience the irresistible combination of garlic and beef in this salami, providing a robust and flavorful punch.
  9. 2 oz. Tomato Basil Cheese Square: Discover the harmonious blend of tomato and basil in this cheese square, adding a burst of freshness to your palate.
  10. Wood Handles Spreader: Perfect for spreading cheese and enhancing your snacking experience, this spreader adds a touch of elegance to your gatherings.

All these delectable treats come beautifully presented in a brown gift box, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. Prepare to embark on a flavorsome journey and enjoy the delectable combination of cheeses, sausages, and more.