Rebuilding Business Momentum

Take a good luck at your business.  Has it lost momentum and slowed its rate of growth?  Have your referrals dropped off?  Has your revenue dropped?

If so, you are not alone.  This is a common problem with many business owners.  And when you loose momentum in one area of our life, other areas tend to suffer as well.

What is the solution?

It’s simple — rebuild the momentum that you and your business once had.

How to do it?

I’ve found an answer that seems a bit like magic.  When small business owners , whom I’ve counseled through the years, increase their contact with people, whether it is current or potential customers or the general public,  the momentum starts to rise.  What is even more magical is that the more action they take, the more results they get and the results are not always from the activities they are doing.

When they start being more active with people and the momentum starts to rise, they tend to become more magnetic themselves and attract more of what they what.  Sounds a bit strange but I’ve seen it work many times.

Here are eight ways to increase your own activity level and to build momentum.  Try them and you’ll be surprised how much more you will attract the things you want in your own business.

  1. Call all of your current and past customers and touch base to see if you can do anything for them.
  2. Call all of the people on your potential customer list and see if you can do anything for them.
  3. Call your friends who are not customers and ask them if they know of someone who may be the kind of target customers in the industries that you are targeting.
  4. Conduct a satisfaction survey of all your current customers by either mail or e-mail.
  5. Then invite the ones who answered your survey to coffee or lunch and get their feedback on how you can not only serve them better but also how you can improve your business and get more customers like them.
  6. Go to two networking meetings per week for a month and meet at least two new people that you will follow up with for a future informational meeting.
  7. Sponsor an event for your customers (a holiday open house is great for this), invite all your present and past customers and ask them to invite a guest.
  8. Suggest yourself as a speaker at a local service group or club to take about a subject related to gift giving. You don’t want to use this opportunity to sell but to provide information and to establish yourself at the “go-to” expert.

The key is to do a whole bunch of something to reach people.  If you persist and take enough action, the momentum will begin to build.  The people who take the most action get the best results.



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