Snack Lovers Sampler Gift Basket


An elegant way to send a bunch of snack foods to your junk-food lover is this Snack Lovers Sampler gift basket.  They will love you when they receive it and start to dig into it.  Send one today.

A wilIow gift basket includes

  • Chex mix,
  • Cracker Jacks,
  • Act II buttery microwave popcorn,
  • Cheeze-Its crackers,
  • Famous Amos cookies,
  • Snyder’s pretzels,
  • Fritos corn chips,
  • Skittles fruit candies,
  • Peanut M & M’s,
  • Reese’s peanut butter cups,
  • Planters peanuts,
  • Rice Krispie treats.

Gift measures 11″ wide and 13″ tall and weighs 4 pounds.
Shipped only.  Cannot be hand delivered.

Snack Lovers Gift Basket
Snack Lovers Sampler Gift Basket