Jack of all Trades Chest


An all-purpose tote box, filled with sweet and savory snacks, is the go-to gift for the working man in your life.

The Jack of All Trades all purpose Tote Box (12 X 6.5 X 5.5) is filled with:

5 oz. Dip n Styx Pretzels,
2 oz. Zesty White Cheddar Popcorn,
1.5 oz. Black Bean Tortilla Chips Bag,
Gourmet Chunky Salsa Medium,
Gourmet Pistachios,
1 oz. cheddar cheese triangle,
1 oz. Swiss cheese triangle,
1.4 oz. Sweet & Tangy Mustard,
Brent & Sams Chocolate Chip Cookies,
3 oz. Beef Sausage,
3 oz. Jack’snak Gourmet Snack Mix Bag.

Jack of all Trades Chest