Eco-friendly Housewarming Gift Basket


An eco-friendly housewarming gift basket that won’t contribute to a warming planet. Even if the new homeowner isn’t eco-conscious, your gift may get them to start thinking about the lifestyle – and sometimes that’s all it takes. Tucked inside this recycled gift box, your lucky new homeowner will discover eco-friendly cleaning wipes and scour pads to Meyers dish soap and reusable veggie bags.

Included are:

  • Ever Spring Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes
  • Natural Home Resusable Veggie Bags
  • Field & Future Eco Scour Pads
  • I Am Bamboo Veggie Cleaning Brush
  • Meyers Clean Day Dish Soap
  • Cotton Home Sweet Home Dish Towel

Shipped only. No hand delivery.

housewarming gift basket with eco-friendly products
Eco-friendly Housewarming Gift Basket