Boo To You Happy Halloween Gift Box


Leave them spellbound with this hauntingly original Boo! To You Gift Box! A lively gathering of delicious treats is set in a playful Boo gift box From the spooky grin on Boo’s face right down to Biker Pals’s tasty pop, they’ll scare up smiles for party guests and trick-or-treaters alike. The Boo! To You, Gift Box


Boo Gift box,
plush Halloween ghost,
Spooky sounds and stories Halloween Cd,
Halloween wind-up biker pal with sucker,
popcorn ball,
fudgy Goldfish crackers,
Ghost Halloween loli-pop,
Pop-out eye Relaxable pumpkin,
Reese’s Pieces fun-size candies,
M & M fun size cookies bag,
Hershey Chocolate bar,
Reese’s Peanut Butter cups,
Chex Muddies Buddie snacks 2 bags,
Halloween rice Krispie treat,
spider webs cotton candy.

The actual gift measures 11′ long by 8′ wide and 14″ tall and weighs 3 pounds. The gift is topped with a festive Halloween bow.

Boo To You Happy Halloween Gift Box