BBQ Lovers Gift Pail


Our BBQ Lover’s Pail is only for the true grill master. We’ve included some tried and true ingredients to deliver the optimum flavors in BBQ as well as few tasty treats for the master to gnaw on while he’s working his magic!

The BBQ Lovers Gift Pail includes:

  • 10″ galvanized pail for ashes, or his beers if he prefers,
  • Beer Can chicken seasoning
  • Jack Danial’s savory BBQ sauce for the stickiest ribs you’ll ever eat,
  • Jack Danial’s marinade for the most flavorful steaks,
  • Beer and Brat mustard
  • Allegro hot and spicy marinade great on wings or steaks,
  • Beer Cheese – duh good on everything!,
  • Sliced summer sausage,
  • Olive oil and sea salt crackers,
  • Beer Nuts,
  • Uncle Rays BBQ Chips,
  • Provolone cheese bar,
  • Wooden skewers,
  • Stick lighter,
  • Brush for basting
  • long arm metal spatula.This gift comes wrapped in cellophane and topped with a handmade bow. Completed gift measures 10″ in diameter and 17″ tall and weighs 6 pounds.

Bucket filled with bbq favorites
BBQ Lovers Gift Pail