Gourmet Bakery Gift Basket


This gift basket is filled with a freshly baked assortment of fifty-eight individually wrapped cookies, brownies and cakes.  What a great gift for that family or office or even that individual with a giant sweet tooth!

Included are:

  • Chocolate Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (3pc)
  • Blondie Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (3pc)
  • Coffee Brownies w/Chocolate Chips (3pc)
  • Cookie Butter Cake (3pc)
  • Lemon Cake (3pc)
  • Raspberry Cake (3pc)
  • Cookie w/Raspberry Filling (6pc)
  • Cookie w/Hazelnut Filling (6pc)
  • Cookie w/Lemon Filling (6pc)
  • Cookie w/Chocolate Filling (6pc)
  • Oatmeal Cookie (4pc)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie (4pc)
  • White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookie (4pc)
  • Brownie w/Chocolate Chip Cookie (4pc)

gourmet bakery gift basket - cookies galore
Gourmet Bakery Gift Basket