Creative Gifts for Both the Pet and the Owner

Pets are an important part of the family.  When you buy a gift for a pet or pet owner, it's like buying a gift for their child so your choice of gifts can play a big part in how well they are remembered.  There are all kinds of gifts available -- from a bag of treats to something more clever and creative.  Clever and creative is what makes the pet owner happy and makes the gift memorable.   Whether there is a special occasion or you're gifting "just because," we're sure that we'll help you choose the perfect present that is clever, creative and memorable. When you see a smile on your friend's face and how excited their furry friend is, you'll experience one of the true benefits of giving.

Unique gifts that will make both the pet and the owner happy

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#1 Pet face pillow

Creative Gifts for Both the Pet and the Owner 8If you are looking for a unique and funny way to surprise your friend or significant other, what better way than to gift them a pillow with their pet's face on it? It's a thoughtful gift that will surely make them smile and think of you anytime they see it.

Their pet will love it, too, especially if they have a dog. Imagine their surprised look when they see it - priceless! You can even go a step further and get your furry friend a pillow with their owner's face on it. It's a one-of-a-kind gift that will make everyone fall off their chairs laughing.

#2 Pet carrier hoodie

One of the most interesting gifts you can give to a pet owner is a pet carrier hoodie. It's ideal for people who have small dogs or cats. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from. And if you want to create something extraordinary, consider having something custom printed on it. It can be a picture of their dog with an arrow pointing down or a funny sign.

Besides just looking nice, it's also convenient. It has a comfortable kangaroo-style pocket where your dog can enjoy while you take it wherever you go. There are no limits from a best friend's home to a lovely restaurant! It will allow the owner to keep their pet even closer to them.

#3 Matching outfits

Creative Gifts for Both the Pet and the Owner 9Another interesting and funny idea is to get your friend and their pet matching outfits such as these matching t-shirts. Even though their pet won't be as thrilled about this gift, it's a great way to show your animal-loving friend how much you care about them.

Creative Gifts for Both the Pet and the Owner 10Even if it doesn't seem that way, this is quite a useful gift, too. For instance, if your friend has a dog, you can get them matching raincoats. They will surely come in handy during long walks in the rain. Or, think how funny it would be to see a dog in a shirt with its owner's face on it.

#4 Custom gift basket

Creative Gifts for Both the Pet and the Owner 11One thing is for sure - you can't go wrong with a gift basket. No matter the occasion, you can create a unique and special gift. For instance, you can choose a dog treat gift basket to wish it a happy birthday. Or, if your friend just adopted a pet, why not surprise them with a furr-ever home gift basket.

Let's say your friend is about to have a cross-country move with their pet. You can surprise them with a gift to help them have a smooth move and an easy relocation across the state border. Pack a gift basket for each of them and fill them up with essential things they'll need for the road. Your friend will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness and gesture.

#5 Personalized pet necklace

Creative Gifts for Both the Pet and the Owner 12One of the best ways to surprise your friend is to gift them a personalized pet necklace. You can choose a locket and put their pet's picture in it. Nowadays, you can even have a realistic picture of their pet engraved. This is a great way to create a memory a pet owner will cherish and keep forever.

Pet Treats Gift Basket
#6 Toys, toys, and more toys

Besides their owner and food, toys are the thing every pet loves the most. There is no question about this, no matter what type of animal it is, so toys are a perfect gift for pets.

If you choose the right toy, it can be a perfect gift for the pet owner, too. After all, we are looking for gifts they both will enjoy and like. So, if you decide to gift them a toy, make sure to choose one they can play with together. For instance:

  • A frisbee with a custom print.
  • Balls, balls, and more balls.
  • A rope toy in your friend's favorite colors.

#7 Custom food bowls

Creative Gifts for Both the Pet and the Owner 13Aside from custom gift baskets, you can gift custom food bowls. From picking out the color and pattern to engraving their pet's name, you can make a very simple gift very special. Your friend will appreciate the gesture, and when it comes to their pet, well, they'll surely love anything related to food.

#8  Dog Treat Maker

Creative Gifts for Both the Pet and the Owner 14Don't just buy a bag of dog treats.  Give them everything they need to make their own treats over and over again.  They will remember you with each treat that is tossed to the eager dog.  This dog treat maker works much like the familiar waffle iron and makes 8 dog bone shaped treats.  It even comes with the recipes to make it easy for that dog owner to get started.  They just preheat, add batter, and cook drool-worthy dog treats in not time.  And the nonstick coating ensures that they are easy to get out of the iron without leaving a crumb behind.

The bottom line

We hope our list of 8 clever creative gifts that will make both the pet and the owner happy helped you choose a perfect present for the favorite animal lover in your life and their furry friend. Remember, there isn't an occasion or a person you can't find a great gift for on So wait no more and start looking now!


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