Marketing Magic: How a Strong Marketing Strategy Can Drive Business Growth and Success

and the best marketing gets not only new customers
but also referrals to potential ones.

People buy from people that they know and like.  But what if they don’t know anyone who offers the product or service that they are looking for?

They ask someone whom they trust for a referral.

And that referral could be to you!

Say, you are a Realtor who left a gourmet gift basket on the kitchen counter when that house you sold closed escrow. When one of your buyer’s friends needs to sell their house or buy a new one, who is your buyer going to remember and refer them to?

You!  And the reason is that you gave them more than just good service.  They expected that.  But you gave them something they didn’t expect as well.

The same is true regardless of what business you are in.  Customers expect good service

But give them more than they expect.  Give them a gift they will remember.  And they will remember you.

Most business owners know they should show appreciation to their customers, but they are too busy or don’t make it a priority.  Those that do make it a priority, reap great rewards in the form of repeat business and referrals.

Will it work for your business?

Builders and Contractors:

The young builder holds a wooden timber.

Surprise them with a special thank you gift and they will refer you again and again.  This works not only for home builders but for roofers, plumbers, electricians, handymen, and any other part of the building industry.

Property Managers:

Property Managers Marketing

Our gifts are used by property managers across the United States — from California to Pennsylvania.  We personalize each of them specifically for the apartment complex or for the property management company.  And, best of all, they are affordable.

Realtors and Title Companies


Buying a house is one of the most important events in anyone’s life.  They expect good service and follow through from the Realtor and the Title Company.  So that is not enough to make them remember you.  Give them a “Thank You for your Business” gift and their next sale or purchase as well as referrals to their friends will be yours.

Senior Living and Assisted Living Centers:


We provide marketing gifts as well as “Welcome to our Home” gifts to senior living centers across the country.  These gifts are used for:

  • Welcome to your new home
  • Door prizes and appreciation gifts
  • Rewards for accomplishments
  • Referral thank you gifts
  • Going home gifts

We customize each gift for each property and use age-appropriate contents that are welcomed by the new residents.  Our senior centers market to doctors, social workers, and others who work with seniors reaching the time in their life when they need assistance.




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