Maple Ridge Farms Corporate Gifts Gift Boxes filled with candies, nuts, or trail mixes

These Gift Boxes Make Great Corporate Gifts

View the large variety of creative Maple Ridge Farms Gift Boxes and choose the one that works for you.  Then either call us at 928-774-7629 or email us at orderscreativegifts@gmail for superior customer service.
We have been an authorized Maple Ridge Farms distributor for many years and have helped businesses and professionals grow their business with these unique gifts.

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The Gift Boxes are our most popular gifts throughout the year.  We have attorneys who give them to new clients, doctors and Realtors  who use them to say Thank You for referrals, auto dealers who send them along with a customer survey to anyone who buys a card, as well as many other professionals and companies who use them in a variety of ways. Below are some ideas of how you, too, can use these creative and unique personalized gifts to grow your business.

Top Uses for Food Gifts from January through October

• Trade Show Handout
• Job Fair Handout
• Room Gift/Pillow Gift
• Table Favor for Conferences/Meetings
• Special Occasions (Nurses Week, Doctors Week, Admin Professionals Week)
• Gift with Purchase
• Referral Gifts
• New Client Gift
• Workplace Events
• Grand Openings

Top Buyers of Maple Ridge Food  Gifts from January through October

• Banks
• Financial Planners
• Insurance
• Hospitals
• Construction
• Manufacturing
• Business Services
• Auto Dealers
• Property Management