22 Ways to Say “I Love You” Without Words

Boredom can destroy any relationship.  Even the daily repetition of the words “I Love You” can just become words if not accompanied by actions.

You’ve heard the phrase “Actions speak louder than words”.  That is particularly true in a relationship.

It’s the simple little things that shout “I Love You” louder than words.

Ron and I recently celebrated our 57th wedding anniversary and here are some ideas that I’ve picked up along the way to keep that spark burning brightly.

  1.  You thank your customers for their business.  Don’t forget to occasionally send your loved one a thank you note or gift.
  2. Surprise him or her with a favorite book, chocolates, tea or whatever they enjoy but don’t always buy for themselves.
  3. Surprise him at the door with a trail of chocolate kisses leading to love notes or a special surprise.
  4. If your partner is feeling stressed, plan something fun or carefree.  Rent a convertible and take a drive to a special place for a picnic.  Haven’t been skating in years?  Why not try it together again. Ride a carousel together.
  5. For the frequent traveler, put little love notes in the suitcase along with something small but special to make him/her smile.
  6. If she’s had a stressful day, greet her with a hot bubble bath combined with her favorite music and drink. Then close the bathroom door, keep the kids quiet and allow her to just relax. I promise that you’ll feel more appreciated as well.
  7. Arrange a romantic evening at home.  A favorite meal, either prepared in advance or brought home from your favorite restaurant or deli, candlelight, quiet music, and a bouquet of balloons.  Why balloons?  They are very special balloons.  You’ve inserted a note in each balloon, before inflating them, saying things like “back massage”, “a long kiss”, or whatever you like.  Whenever he/she breaks one, they get whatever is in the balloon.
  8. Leave a note on his/her car.
  9. If they listen to a favorite radio station at work or during drive time, call and see if you can dedicate a special song to be played to them during that time.
  10. Give him or her a teddy bear.  Teddy bears make great snuggle partners when you’re not there.  Send them a Teddy Bear Hugs care package.
  11. Send him or her a gift-wrapped “Kama Sutra” or “Naughty but Nice” gift at work along with a note that it is not to be opened until you are alone with each other that evening.  Make sure that it is gift wrapped or in a gift bag.  You don’t want to embarrass them at work.
  12. Take a moonlight drive on an evening with a full moon ending up at a secluded place for a late picnic.
  13. Just reach over and touch him on her for no special reason.  Touch is one of the most romantic feelings.
  14. Give him or her an unexpected big bear hug for no particular reason.
  15. Greet her or her at the door with a welcome home kiss and hug.
  16. Send them a cake or a giant cookie with “I Love You” written on it.
  17. Put a sticky note on their calendar that says “I Love You”. Then put another one on the following day that says “Even More than yesterday.”
  18. Send them a box of gift-wrapped cookies with a note that asks, “Will you be my Valentine?”  This doesn’t have to be just on Valentine’s Day. Any other day will be just as special.
  19. Respond to affection extended to you.  Hug him/her back.  Return that kiss, smile, or special look.
  20. Hold hands when you are out together.  A gentle touch is something every human needs.
  21. Take care of something that he or she hates to do — fold the laundry, vacuum the floors, clean the refrigerator, or make that phone call they’ve been putting off.
  22. Take time to actually listen to what he or she is saying.  Close the phone or computer.  Put down the newspaper.  Turn off the TV.  They are more important than any of these. Now add your ideas and enjoy a romantic long-lasting relationship.  And always remember to Live each and every day as if it were your last.


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