Organization Makes a New Mom’s Life Easier

Organization Makes a New Mom’s Life Easier

Those of us who have the pleasure of buying gifts for a soon-to-be mother know how challenging it can be to choose such an important present. Luckily, technology has taken the new mom’s wish list from the store to online, making it so much easier for us to choose the perfect gift.

Even if there isn’t any wish list, the best gift ideas for a new mom come straight from the heart and show a sincere concern for her wellbeing and that of her baby. Once the celebration ends and all the gifts are unwrapped, the new one has to find a place for all those new gifts.

When should a baby shower be held?

Normally, it should take place between two months and two weeks before the new baby is expected to make his or her appearance.   Some moms-to-be prefer an earlier shower in case their baby decides to surprise them.

Before the shower takes place, plan for a room or area in your home to store the gifts until needed.  Some of the gifts may be bulky — like a crib, stroller, playpen, high chair, car seat, etc. Even though most of them will come disassembled and packed efficiently, they still take space.    You will want to unpack ad assemble the gifts that you will need as soon as the baby comes.

You will most likely receive some items that you and your little one might not need immediately. These items are better stored until needed, especially if you have limited storage space.  If necessary, temporarily rent a  small storage unit.

Organization tips for  your baby shower

The whole point in making preparations while you’re pregnant is making your life easier after childbirth.  Organization  starts with the baby shower itself.

Arrange to have a close friend or family member assist you by recording each gift and who sent it as you open the gifts.  Someone else could carefully repackage the gifts for transport and storage after you unwrap them and thank the person who brought the gift.

Later on, when you get some rest, you can add another column to your inventory. It should contain a symbol identifying the items you will need as soon as the baby arrives and those you will need later when the baby’s a bit older. The most important thing is that you organize your baby gifts so that you know when you will need and use each one.

There’s nothing better than a checklist

The easiest way to organize anything, including baby shower gifts, is by making and following a checklist. As mentioned earlier, start by dividing the presents into two groups. The first should contain items you will need immediately after childbirth and in the first six months. The other should contain all the rest, such as the toys for when your baby is older. If space is not an issue, take each item to its place in the nursery. Otherwise, pack the items from the latter group in clean bags and store them away.

Now, it is time to take care of the items you will need first:

  • Carefully remove the tags from baby clothes but keep the washing instructions intact.
  • Following the instructions, wash all the clothes, blankets, and towels using a gentle, hypoallergenic detergent.
  • After the items are completely dry, store them in the baby’s wardrobe, arranged by size. Things your baby will grow into should be in the back.
  • Make sure to wash hand-me-down items like plush toys and teddy bears even though they will likely be clean when gifted.
  • Separate all clothing items by size after cleaning and keep them in clean, labeled totes. Babies grow quickly, so you will need to take out a new tote approximately every two or three months
  • Make space in your kitchen cabinets or pantry for baby food, feeding utensils, and various small appliances. Make sure that everything is within easy reach.
  • Ideally, you will have a shelf or toy box in your nursery for albums, books, plush, and other toys. Otherwise, get a few airtight transparent plastic boxes, organize items by category, and fill the boxes leaving some empty space.
  • Label the boxes with the age the toys are intended for before you throw away the original toy packaging. You may receive toys that may be for older kids and thus not safe for your little one just yet.

A few bonus tips

The current situation with the pandemic is bound to affect every single aspect of our lives, including baby showers. Stay-at-home orders are likely to change the usual way in which gifting is organized and performed. If you have shared your baby shower registry with your inner circle and your gifts are being delivered, arrange them as they arrive.

As you unpack each present, take a photo with the gift and send along with an emailed thank-you message.  Even better, send a handwritten thank you note.  This may be considered “old-school” but is always appreciated.


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