Halloween Costumes for Kids

Four Cool and Creepy DIY
Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

mummy-309452_640Halloween is a fun holiday where many parents spend hundreds of dollars on elaborate costumes and decorations.

But if you’ve got several children, the budget’s tight, or you simply don’t want to throw money away on something that will be worn for only one night, there are plenty of options that are still interesting and impressive-looking.

Here are four cool and creepy DIY Halloween costume ideas for kids that won’t break the bank and that will allow you to spend more of your time and energy on planning a great Halloween party, or relaxing, instead.

Edward Scissorhands
This cool and creepy character is perfect for a little boy or girl.  After all, when it comes to planning a wicked Halloween party, the costume is key. Start with a black outfit crisscrossed with belts with circles of aluminium foil glued on to make them look like studs. Add an Edward-inspired painted face, and silver-sprayed plastic cutlery tied into a cheap pair of black gloves, and you’ll have the perfect replica of this gentle but slightly unnerving young man.

Neon jellyfish
This is a great one for younger children or the less gruesomely minded. Dress your child all in white and use fabric glue to add strips of brightly colored or neon fabric to their sleeves, waistband, collar, and knees. Give them a clear umbrella with strips of the same material hanging from the brim, and paint their face in a cool pattern in neon paint. Easy and fun.

One of the best ways to make last minute look like hours of work is to take a sheet and tear into strips, then soak in water with tea bags added for a few hours to get that ‘aged’ look. Wrap around your child, leaving their face showing, which you can paint to look grisly and decomposing.

Inspired by the Greek myth of a woman with snakes for hair that could turn people into stone with one glance, a Medusa costume is a great way to make the most of what’s in your closet with a few cheap additions. Start with a white dress or a sheet tied into a toga, and dramatic eyeliner around the eyes. Backcomb the hair and add some green hair spray for a creepy effect, then glue small rubber snakes (which cost a few cents each) to a headband and nestle it in, using bobby grips to arrange the little reptiles so they’re artfully poking out. Voila!

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