Gourmet Snack Gift Basket


Get ready to embark on a flavorsome snacking adventure with this enticing snack gift basket. Packed with a variety of mouthwatering treats, it’s sure to satisfy your cravings. Discover the delights that await you:

  1. 3 oz. Bavaria Beef Salami: Indulge in the savory flavors of this high-quality beef salami, carefully crafted for an unforgettable taste experience.
  2. 3 oz. Bavaria Summer Sausage: Enjoy the deliciousness of this Bavarian summer sausage, bursting with flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.
  3. Stone Ground Mustard: Add a tangy and zesty kick to your snacking with this stone ground mustard, perfectly paired with the sausages.
  4. Dolcetto Chocolate Wafer Bites: Satisfy your sweet tooth with these delightful chocolate wafer bites, offering a crispy and creamy treat.
  5. Stacey’s Garlic & Herb Pita Thins: Dive into the bold and aromatic flavors of these garlic and herb-infused pita thins, providing a satisfying crunch.
  6. Tavolare Snack Mix: Delight in this savory snack mix, featuring a delightful combination of nuts, pretzels, and other tasty morsels.
  7. Classic Vanilla Caramels: Experience the rich and smooth indulgence of these classic vanilla caramels, offering a melt-in-your-mouth sweetness.
  8. Camembert Cheese Spread: Spread the creamy goodness of Camembert cheese onto your favorite crackers or bread for a delectable snack.
  9. Vegetable Cheese Spread: Savor the delightful blend of vegetables and cheese in this tasty spread, perfect for enhancing your snacking experience.
  10. 2 oz. Tomato Basil Cheese Triangle: Discover the harmonious flavors of tomato and basil in this cheese triangle, adding a burst of freshness to your palate.

All these delectable treats are beautifully presented in a two-tone basket with a convenient handle, adorned with ivy for an elegant touch. Whether you’re enjoying it yourself or presenting it as a thoughtful gift, this snack basket promises a delightful journey of flavors and textures.