Gourmet Delights Gift Basket


Delight in an exquisite assortment of gourmet treats with this captivating gift. It includes:

  1. Parmesan Flatbread Crisps: Experience the irresistible crunch and rich flavor of these Parmesan flatbread crisps, perfect for pairing with the various spreads and cheeses.
  2. Three Pepper Water Crackers: Enjoy the crisp and lightly spiced Three Pepper Water Crackers, offering a delightful accompaniment to the cheese and spreads.
  3. Dill Seasoned Pretzel Nuggets: Indulge in the savory and herbaceous flavors of these dill-seasoned pretzel nuggets, providing a satisfying crunch with every bite.
  4. Olives: Savor the briny and tangy taste of the olives, adding a burst of flavor and a touch of sophistication to your snacking experience.
  5. Los Olivos Wine Biscuits: Delight in the subtly sweet and buttery Los Olivos wine biscuits, enhancing the flavors of the cheese and spreads.
  6. 5 oz. Go Nuts Deluxe Mixed Nuts: Enjoy a tantalizing blend of premium mixed nuts, including almonds, cashews, pecans, and more, offering a wholesome and satisfying snacking option.
  7. Champagne Mustard: Add a touch of elegance to your snacks with the delightful champagne mustard, bringing a harmonious blend of tanginess and sophistication.
  8. Smoked Gouda Cheese Spread: Indulge in the smoky and creamy flavors of this smoked gouda cheese spread, offering a luxurious and velvety texture.
  9. Asiago Cheese Spread: Experience the rich and nutty flavors of the Asiago cheese spread, providing a delightful burst of taste with every bite.
  10. 5 oz. Usinger’s Beef Salami with Garlic: Satisfy your cravings with this savory and garlic-infused beef salami from Usinger’s, offering a bold and robust flavor profile.
  11. 5 oz. Usinger’s Beef Summer Sausage: Delight in the classic and hearty flavors of this beef summer sausage from Usinger’s, perfect for enjoying with the various accompaniments.
  12. 4 oz. Wisconsin Cheddar Bar: Indulge in the rich and sharp flavors of this Wisconsin cheddar cheese, crafted with expertise for an unforgettable snacking experience.
  13. 4 oz. Swiss Cheese Bar: Savor the smooth and nutty taste of this Swiss cheese bar, adding a touch of elegance to your snacking repertoire.

All these delectable treats are elegantly presented on a wood tray with wooden ear handles, adorned with grapes and leaves, providing a charming and rustic touch to your gift. Get ready to embark on a gourmet journey filled with exquisite flavors and a delightful combination of textures.