Gift Baskets for Grads on the Move
Give Them One They will Love

It’s time to say congratulations!  The graduate has accomplished so much and now it’s time to begin a new chapter in their life — starting a career.  Many of them will be taking that next step in a new city, which can be both exciting and sometimes a little daunting.

Relocating for a job can mean setting up a new home, exploring unfamiliar surroundings, and creating new friends.  While it is an incredible opportunity, it can also be a bit overwhelming.

That’s where gift baskets come in.  They are also an opportunity — an opportunity to not only celebrate a recent grad’s achievements but also to show your support as they begin this exciting new adventure.

As the founder of a national gift basket business, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of gift baskets to help with the practical challenges of setting up a new home in a different location but also to provide comfort, warmth, and reassurance as they begin this exciting next chapter of their life.

A well-chosen gift basket can bridge the gap between a scary relocation process and a warm welcome to new beginnings.

Understanding the Needs of Graduates Who Relocate

Relocating for a job to a different city is a thrilling yet formidable challenge for any graduate. Beneath the surface of excitement, the recent graduate is also feeling a whirlwind of emotions and challenges ranging from excitement and optimism to apprehension and homesickness.

There are practical challenges as well as they acclimate to their new location.  These can be anything from learning to navigate public transportation and streets to finding housing and grocery stores.  If they are moving to a different part of the country, there may be cultural differences such as local customs or food choices.

A gift basket selected just for them can be a statement of your support, reminding them that they are not alone in their journey. It can send them off in style while also helping to makethe transition smoother and more enjoyable.

What to Consider When Selecting Gifts for the Relocating Graduate

Each graduate has different needs, preferences, and circumstances as they begin this transition from student to employee.

By combining practicality with personalization and emotional support, you are sure to have the perfect gift that they will remember for years.

One of the great things about gift baskets is that even one containing the most basic and practical essentials that the graduate needs for this next phase of their life can be made to look festive and exciting.

Personalized business card holderA practical gift basket for the grad entering the corporate world could be one that features items they will need for the new career.  This could include premium pens, portable tech gadgets, stylish planners, and even a personalized business card holder.

The graduate moving to a new location will need essentials that will transform an empty apartment into a cozy home.  This could be anything from kitchen tools and small appliances, to wall decor, a soft blanket, or even an indoor plant.

Deluxe gourmet meat and cheese gift basketWhen choosing a gift, be aware of the individual preferences and interests of the graduate.  If selecting a food gift basket for them to enjoy in their new home, be aware of any dietary restriction.  We have an assortment of healthy gift baskets for those who are diabetic or just watching their sugar intake as well as those who live a gluten-free or keto lifestyle.  But we also have a large assortment of meat and cheese gift baskets as well as all-around just good food gift baskets which some refer to as gourmet.

Lavender Essence Spa Gift Basket for womanMoving and adjusting to a new job can be stressful.  A simple spa basket filled with stress-relief items such as aromatic essential oils and luxury bath products such as  soothing lotions and bath salts may be just the thing to help them relax after the stress of learning a new job.  Lavender is considered to be one of the most relaxing essential oils so a gift basket filled with lavender scented products may be the perfect gift.

One of the most thoughtful things that you include with whatever gift you choose is a handwritten note, telling them how proud you are of them and providing emotional support as they enter this next phase of their life.   Something that is handmade can be an unexpected surprise that will add that intimate  touch that makes a gift memorable.

Gift Baskets Tailored to Their New Location.

If they are relocating to a new city that they are unfamiliar with, you can help make the transition less overwhelming by giving them a regional gift basket that is themed for that location.  This could include travel guides for popular museums and entertainment spots, gift cards for local restaurants, perhaps tickets to a sports event in the new city, and even local food products.

Most graduates can probably move their belongings in their car but if they have accumulated more than their car can carry, they may need a moving company.  You may be able to suggest one that can be trusted if you are familiar with the area they are moving to.  For example, if they are moving to the Los Angeles area Royal Moving and Storage California is a good option.

Gift baskets come in all sizes, themes, and budgets.  By remembering your graduates preferences, interests, and needs, you can easily give them a gift basket that will be memorable and that they will love.





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