Best Gift Ideas for New Moms

Best Gift Ideas For New Moms

Getting the perfect present for a new mom is not always the simplest of tasks. On the other hand, choosing some cute baby stuff is so much easier, especially if you bear in mind that babies, unlike their parents, are not even aware of the gifts they get. However, what should you get when you want to give a gift to a friend or a relative who has just become a mother?

Here are some of the best gift ideas for new moms.

A gift basket is a safe choice.

A basket full of goodies will never go out of style. New moms rarely get the opportunity to go out and get all that they need for meal preparation or their personal care, so you can be the one to help out. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

Fruit basket

Fruit gift basketWho can say no to a perfectly arranged fruit basket full of healthy stuff that every new mom craves? She needs to be extra careful about her nutrition, especially if she is breastfeeding. That is why healthy snacks and vitamins that fruits and nuts are packed with are always welcome. Plus – they take no preparation time! Throw in som e freshly made juices, and you’ll have a premium gift on your hands.

Breakfast onn a Tray gift basketHow About Breakfast in Bed?

Getting up during the night to take care of the new little one is a regular event for new mothers.  You can treat them to a breakfast in bed gift that is prepared by someone else.  Of course, Dad could do the chore but why not make this event a treat for both of them with one of our breakfast gifts.

A spa or pamper basket

Skincare and beauty are rarely on top of the list of priorities for new moms. But we know that they deserve to be taken care of, pampered even, which is why we suggest giving them a package of cosmetic products that can make the first months of motherhood easier and more enjoyable. Shower gels, body lotions, moisturizers, dry shampoo, and other skin products of your choice can be a part of your  spa gift basket.  This is a new baby gift that not many think of giving but it can be one of the most appreciated ones.

Baby gift basket

Welcome baby boy gift basket

Even though moms appreciate being taken care of, they also like getting presents for their little ones. There is not a single mom who would not be thrilled to get a new baby gift basket. The contents can vary from practical to decorative stuff, and combining them might be the best option.

Baby baskets or diaper cakes can be made even more luxurious. If the parents like to dress up their baby in style, you can add one or two cute baby onesies to the basket. They are the most practical pieces of clothing for babies and newborns. If you really like to get a quality gift, opt for onesies made of organic cotton. The material is stretchable and comfortable to wear, and at the same time, it is very soft on the baby’s sensitive skin. Baby onesies made of organic cotton can be machine-washed, which is a great time saver any new parent would appreciate. Nowadays, you can get this sort of onesies in all colors and with millions of hilarious prints to choose from.

Comfy clothes for mommy

The first few weeks, sometimes even months, are reserved for the mommy staying at home with her baby. That is why a mom can never have enough comfortable leggings, T-shirts, jumpsuits, jerseys, and PJs — all great gift ideas for new moms. If you like to be a bit more original, then a nice robe or a fancy pair of sleepers can be your choice.

Diaper bag or a backpack for active mommies and their babies

We encourage mommies to go outside as soon as they feel comfortable. If they are taking their little ones out too, they will need some extra stuff for the day out. Hence, a practical yet stylish diaper bag can be a great gift idea for a new mom. Those parents using a carrier or a sling prefer having a backpack for carrying their baby’s stuff, so you should get to know their habits and preferences before you go shopping for a gift.

Gift cards can be a good idea

Giving money as a present is a sign of bad manners in many cultures. However, when we are not sure what our friends or relatives would like to get for some special moments, we might be tempted to do so. Picking a gift card, on the other hand, can be a much safer choice. Even though you are the one to pick the brand, store, or salon, you will leave a new mom the freedom to choose what she really wants or needs. Here are some gift card ideas for new moms:

  • Beauty or spa treatments – new moms are in need of those quiet and relaxing moments;
  • Hairdresser treatment – after giving birth, your friend might be experiencing a lot of bad hair days. Help her regain her confidence by treating her to a new (preferably more practical) haircut or even new hair color. Even a blowout can be enough for a woman to feel fresh and pretty again.
  • Coffee shop – young moms are often sleep-deprived and a cup of their favorite coffee when they need it can be the best sign of friendship you two share.
  • Photo session – every parent likes to have those memorable moments of their baby growing up captured in a photo. That is why a professional photo-shoot can be an irreplaceable gift to a young mom.
Best Gift Ideas for New Moms 1
A photo-shoot can be one of the best gift ideas for new moms


Final thoughts

There are many gifts that can make a new mom happy and encouraged. Care packages can also be good reminders that you care about that special woman and her baby. Even though the choice is all yours, we are always glad to help with our suggestions.


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