Bear Hug Gifts

When you want to send a hug, send a bear hug gift. Gifts that are "impawsible" to forget.

Remember that cuddly teddy bear you loved so much when you were a kid? You shared all your secrets with him and he never told a soul. That special teddy bear was your trusted and true companion. He was your very best friend.

Well, he's back!  And he's brought all his friends with him.  One of our teddy bear hug  gifts is the perfect answer for those times when only a hug will do. They'll give comfort and encouragement without saying a word..

Whether you need a perfect birthday, get well, or graduation gift, or you just need to send someone some warm caring wishes...exactly  the right teddy bear hug friend is waiting to be adopted.

Send a Bear Hug Gift to Make Someone's Day

Hugs are both a way to celebrate and a way to provide comfort without saying a single word. Hugs are good for family members, your significant other, children and yourself. It can be a powerful way to communicate a feeling with someone else.

There are times when you just don't have the words to say what you want to share.  A simple bear hug can handle it all.

But when you can't be there to take them in your arms and give them a hug, our bear hug gifts can say "I care" for you. A hug is a  marvelous gift to share.  A hug communicates support, security, affection, unity, and belonging. A hug shows compassion. A hug brings delight. A hug charms the senses. A hug touches the soul