5 Best Gift Ideas for Pets and Their Owners

5 Best Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Owners

Giving your loved ones presents is one of the best parts of all family gatherings for holidays. But let’s not forget that pets are part of our families too. When you’re buying a present for a friend or family member who is a passionate pet lover, including their furry little companion in the thought process might be the best thing you can do! If you’re stressing out about what to bring to the table, don’t – we’ve got you. So, let’s go over these five best gift ideas for pets and pet owners and win all the hearts at the holiday party.

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1# Matching jackets

If a dog owner tells you they’re not fantasizing about wearing matching jackets with their furry little friend in winter, they’re probably withholding the truth. Or, they just haven’t seen the right jacket yet. Nowadays, the matching jacket fantasy is so well-known that brands are going above and beyond in efforts to make the coolest designs. The best part is – it’s not only reserved for dogs! When you face the ruthless teeth of cold in the morning but have to take your pet out, the only thing you’d wish for at that moment is a warm (but cool) jacket for both of you. Plus, the pet will absolutely love additional protection from the weather. That’s exactly why this idea is such a hit!

And it doesn’t have to be only for winter. Some pets are more fragile and need extra care even if it’s not freezing outside for our standards. So, if you pick a jacket with a fantastic design in the favorite color of your favorite pet owner – congratulations! Don’t worry, even if they have a lot of matching clothes with their pets. It’s so easy to hire storage professionals nowadays and rent storage to keep all their supplies safely stored. Keep the cute clothes coming!

2# A portrait of their pet

A pet owner probably has a billion pictures of their pet on their phone or in a photo album (if they are a bit old-fashioned). But what if you take it a step further and do it really the old way? What if you order a portrait of their pet that a person is actually going to paint, not just snap a picture? We think that both the owner and the pet would love it very much.

There are so many artists online (on Instagram especially) offering their services of painting pet portraits that you can easily find a great one. If you want to level up, you can ask an artist to make a portrait of a pet, but make it look like a pet is dressed as a duke, a king, or a lady from medieval times and make your present sensational. Overall, it’s one of the most creative gift ideas for pets and pet owners.

3# Puzzle treats

We all live hectic lives, and it can be quite tricky at times to stimulate a pet and its development. That’s why smart entrepreneurs of the world invented these sneaky but brilliant little things called – puzzle treats. These can come in all different shapes and sizes. Puzzle treats are little containers where you can put your pet’s treats and food.

But, the trick is your pet doesn’t get to eat the treats straight away. Instead, they have to solve a puzzle which will reward them with their favorite snack when they solve it correctly. This gift will give the pet owner a piece of mind. They’ll know that when they leave for work, their beloved pet:

  • won’t starve
  • won’t eat too much at once
  • will have good intellectual stimulants

These puzzle treats have so many benefits, and they can be a perfect addition to a holiday gift basket you intend to give to your loved one!

4# Getting a chic car seat cover is one of the best gift ideas for pets and pet owners

Pet owners adore bringing their pets on trips with them whenever they get the chance. But cleaning their car afterward can be a significant issue, especially if a pet in mind has a thing for playing in the mud. Fortunately, you can overcome this easily. The simple-to-use car seat cover is available in various trendy hues and serves the dual purpose of shielding your vehicle from the inevitable dog hair and spills. The standard cover and the hammock type are both fantastic if they have a dog that loves to ride in the front seat with them. The covers are often resilient to dirt and water and very simple to clean.

5# Dog DNA test

While you can find this test for a lot more species, dog DNA tests are the most developed and accessible ones. These can be quite affordable too. There’s nothing more exciting than attempting to guess the breed of your friend’s mysterious dog based on physical characteristics like its scruffy fluff or stand-up ears. This kit examines over three hundred and fifty breeds and 210 hereditary health hazards, so it’s sure to be a hit. Do they have a Frenchie that acts like a pit bull? You’ll certainly make their day (or a year) with this DNA test that can unravel all the mysteries.

Have fun with it

Choosing a present for your loved ones and their furry friends can be one of the most fun parts of the holidays! Besides these five gift ideas for pets and pet owners, there are a lot of the most different things you can find online. You can opt for traditional and safe presents. But you can always choose the other side and give the wildest gift they ever received! Many of those gifts are pretty useful. And even if they’re not, you’re sure to have a good laugh about each option.


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