14 Thoughtful Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate gifts cover a wide range.  There are those that you buy in bulk (like gifts from Maple Ridge Farms) and there are those that you buy to give to one individual.  Corporate gifts chosen for personal gifting  need to reflect your appreciation, be tasteful and practical, yet also align with your recipient’s  interests. To help you achieve this, we have put together a list of 15 thoughtful corporate gift ideas.


While there are some business gift-giving mistakes you should be wary of, you can’t go wrong with a book! Everyone serious about their business loves to learn. So, you can make your gift practical and helpful while also thoughtful. Even if you opt for a more ‘casual’ book, it is still an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long, hard day.

personalized business card holderBusiness card holder

Everyone knows how important a good business card is. There is a whole science behind designing them. However, a suitable business card holder is just as important! To make the gift more meaningful, you can even personalize it and have their name and title  placed on the holder. Just remember not to overspend, or your gift will be seen as burdensome instead!

Quality earbuds

With how often we use our phones nowadays, every business person needs a good pair of quality earbuds. They might not be the most impressive corporate gifts. But they are certainly one of the most practical! And it is this practicality that is likely to be appreciated by your fellow business partners. Just remember to pay attention to comfort as well as performance specs, since no one wants to use uncomfortable earbuds.

Heated mouse pad

Another practical item to give as a gift! Your business partner will inevitably need a good mouse pad with how much time it is necessary to spend next to a computer. And due to the same time spent using a mouse, their wrist is likely to suffer. Heated mousepads relieve the pain and pressure your wrist suffers while using a mouse and are likely to be very appreciated for it.

Elaborate name plaque

Like business cards and their holder, a name plaque shows one’s position and importance. That is why an elaborate and unique name plaque makes for a good gift. You can have it decorated with motifs that allude to your partner’s business to make it more personalized, too!

Online class subscription

This is a slightly trickier gift since you need to know what your business partner enjoys learning. Still, online class subscriptions are by far better than signing them up for a seminar or classes that require physical presence. Or they might travel often. Taking those classes online is a big advantage over them going to waste because of it!

14 Thoughtful Corporate Gift Ideas 3Snack gift basket

This is a perfect gift if you are just coming back from a business trip! You can buy some of the local specialties and products of the city or country you visited. This shows you keep your business partners in mind and value them even when not dealing with them directly. Even if you buy it locally, if you are careful in your selection and take their likes into account, no one will dislike the gift.

One caution, however, is to make sure to double-check for any food allergies before you commit to this gift!!

Personalized wallet

A personalized wallet is a classy, thoughtful gift. You can have your business partner’s initials placed on it or have it decorated to specification. It also circumvents the chance of buying something wrong the way you risk doing so with food.

Custom pen

You can never have too many pens. Especially nice ones. This makes the gift of a custom pen or a set of pens practical and always welcomed. All in all, this is one of the most thoughtful corporate gift ideas for your business partners.

Universal adapter

We rely on technology often and extensively. However, not all ports are compatible when trying to use different devices. A universal adapter is an excellent way to circumvent an awkward situation of not being able to give a presentation unless you have a copy of it online and many similar scenarios. This makes it an excellent gift for your business partners that they can make frequent and good use of.

Universal charger

In a similar vein, a universal charger is an extremely useful gadget. If your original charger gets damaged or replaced, or if you need to lend one to an employee or friend for whatever reason, they are very practical. This all makes it another gift that cannot go wrong!

Personalized laptop bag

With how easy it is to misplace laptops in luggage, a personalized bag is practically a must-have if you travel a lot. It is a safe and interesting gift that circumvents the most commonly customized items even if you do not.

Funny coffee mugCustom mug

You can’t go wrong with a custom mug! Everyone needs mugs throughout the day. And a good quality, unique mug can follow you on business trips or work. The freedom of customization it offers is also considerable. You can make it friendly and informal if you are close with your business partner or tasteful and classy if you are not.



In conclusion

With our list of 13 corporate gift ideas coming to an end, we hope you have made your choice of what the ideal gift you are sending for your business will be.   Just remember not to spend too much money on it, or the gift can become a burden instead of a nice gesture.

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